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UKRSA: United Kingdom Racket Stringers Association

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Tyger strings

Racquet restringing service

We at tennisMAD guarantee we will service your racquets as if they were our own. We use only top quality string and work is carried out using a professional stringing machine as used on the ATP tour. Our stringing machine is regularly checked so it is 100% accurate so you know that the tension you ask for is the tension you get.

We string using the best TYGER string and Grips and each restring comes with a free replacement over grip and will be handed back in one of our restring bags to ensure that your racket is kept in top condition.

All racquets are strung by a UKRSA qualified professional stringer. All restrings come complete with new overgrip.

If you choose our normal service we offer a 72 hour turnaround on all tennis restrings and a 1 week turnaround on squash rackets. However if you are in need of a restring fast due to match commitments we offer an overnight express service for an extra fee of £4 per racket.

Restrings from £13.00 per racket

Overgrips from £2.00 each

Cushion Grips from £4.00 each

Please contact us for all your stringing needs.